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Podcast highlights libraries relevancy in modern life

Things come. And things go.

They float into fashion. Then they fall right back out.

We’ve all seen things build up in society just to then crumble and blow away, replaced by a better, faster, easier version of itself.

But not libraries. No, libraries are still as relevant and pivotal to the communities they serve as ever before. In fact, more Americans visited a library in 2019 than those that went to the movies or attended a sporting event, according to the Humankind four-part podcast series, Libraries Reimagined.

Did you catch that? We’re calling it: Libraries are more popular than sports. Book nerds: Take a moment and rejoice! Even more, get this: A recent Gallup poll named going to the library the most frequent cultural activity in the country by far last year. Most frequent. By far. Oh, these facts make our library hearts sing!

And how is this ongoing popularity and sustainability possible in the flashy, digital, entertainment-driven world we find ourselves? Libraries learned how to pivot. We’ve pivoted our services and our offerings, expanding to become a multi-dimensional service center that breathes as the lifeforce of a community. Libraries are a safe space to explore the world of reading, but they are also a gathering spot to learn how to knit, come together for a yoga class or use business services to help with personal or professional needs.

Libraries have long been a community gathering place, and they have remained so because of their ability to adapt and change to the needs of its community. And talking about the (current) needs of the communities the Eastern Oklahoma Library System serves, COVID-19 is making all of us find creative ways to connect right now. Even so, libraries are still the community hubs they’ve always been. We’re just digital and virtual for a little while. We’ll get back to the business we’ve be doing for decades and decades soon enough. Until then, check out the podcast Libraries Reimagined from Humankind. You can listen online or catch it on NPR. Either way, we love this excellent series that examines the role libraries play in communities across America and how they help “preserve our democracy by ensuring free, unfettered access to information.”

We couldn’t agree more. And if you love your library like we do, you’ll love this series too.

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