State Statutes

This is an unofficial compilation of links leading to sections of the Oklahoma Statutes relating to operation of the Eastern Oklahoma Library System. It does NOT include all statutes, rules, ordinances, or bylaws that may apply to a specific situation. It is intended as a convenient reference, not as a replacement for the official versions of these publications. It should not be substituted for advice of legal counsel.

Rather than reproducing the text of the statutes, links go to the actual Oklahoma State Court Network. Although these web versions of the law are not official, they are updated annually and are considered reliable sources.

Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-101 Establishment of Library System by Counties, Cities and Towns
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-102 Creation and Termination of a Library System
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-103 Multicounty Library System Boards
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-104 Procedures of System Board – Officers, Meetings, Quorum
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-105 Duties and Powers of System Board
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-106 Employees, Library System
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-107 Financing of Library Systems
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §4-107.1 Capital Grants – Fund, Oklahoma Local Library Capital Revolving
Oklahoma Statute 65 O.S. §1-105 Patron Records, Confidentiality of
Oklahoma Statute 74 O.S. § 3106.4, Information Available on Website – Personally Identifiable Data
Personally identifiable data collected by Eastern Oklahoma Library System is the name, address, phone number, age and e-mail address of our cardholders.