Tahlequah Public Library Receives Tahlequah Community Fund Grant

Tahlequah Public Library recently received a grant from the Tahlequah Community Fund with matching funds from the Tahlequah Friends of the Library to purchase new technology that will be used for all ages.

The funding will enable the library to purchase an Obie by Eyeclick Interactive Projector system—which projects a giant, up to 200″ width, screen onto floors, walls, or tabletops. The games include opportunities to interact through touch and movement. In addition, the Obie will have a mobile stand so the projector can be easily used anywhere in the library.

Games and activities include giant piano keys to make music through dance, fishing games, soccer, ice hockey, math, bingo, racing, and brain challenges.

Branch Manager Jeremy Jones said the library will plan a celebration when the technology is in place so the community can try it out, and future programs will include the Obie.

“It can be used from storytimes all the way up to fitness for our seniors because it involves movement and physical activity,” he said. “We’re grateful to the Tahlequah Community Fund and Tahlequah Friends of the Library for funding this project.”