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Stock up on EOLS resources to have a holly, jolly Christmas

Some of the best moments of Christmas time are when all the shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and you can enjoy the traditions and time together with family and friends. We’re sure your holiday celebrations will look different this year, and we’re also sure you might have some more time at home as well.

A different Christmas season doesn’t have to mean a less-special one though. Through Eastern Oklahoma Library System’s myriad of resources, we can help you stock up your holiday wish list with enough ideas to put some new, fun spins on this most wonderful time of the year.

Load up on snuggle-worthy books or games. Find books to enjoy, e-magazines to leisurely read and even games and puzzles to keep the whole gang occupied over break. The entire network of library branches shares resources to increase your ability to enjoy a much larger collection exponentially more than what is located at your local branch. Review the entire catalog online, and we’ll see if we can get it from another branch for you if it’s out at your local library.

Fa La La La La from your phone. Have EOLS be your Christmas music source. Use our free Freegal or Hoopla apps to either download or stream holiday music right to your phone, tablet or any smart device. This way, you can take the sounds of the holidays with you wherever you go – even if that’s just from the kitchen to the couch.

Read a book to your kids over the Christmas break. Pick a favorite book from your childhood and read a chapter aloud to your children every night you are together during the break. Younger kids would love to hear Charlotte’s Web or Indian in the Cupboard. Explore The Hobbit or the Harry Potter series with older kids. (Don’t forget to make up voices for the main characters!)

Just stream video services right into your house. With the EOLS app from either the Apple or Android Store, you can connect your account to our online platform and check out shows and movies on your digital devices. No need to come in the branch, just pop the popcorn and enjoy movie night at home.

Pick your child’s favorite book and act it out as a family play. This idea could keep your kids busy for hours – Have them check out one or two of their favorite books. Let them pull clothes for costumes, make props from household items, and act out the book as a play for the family. You can be the audience as you relax on the couch. You’ll be cheering for encores!

Christmas Eve readings. Gather as a family and choose significant Christmas passages to read out loud together. Little ones would love to hear The Night Before Christmas or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. For the entire family or religious celebrations, select a passage from Luke 2, the telling of the story of the first Christmas.

Christmas 2020 will be the year of movies, snuggles and being together at home. And that might just make it the best Christmas yet. We’d love to help you stock up on supplies that will make your season sparkle. Visit or call your local EOLS branch location today, and we’ll help you check out the materials you need.

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