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Flat Stanley visits

Stanley caused a little trouble in the business office.

Stanley toured the book processing area.

He got to help open some boxes of new books.

Then he learned where the new books hang out until they're delivered to the libraries.

Then he visited the marketing department.

He kindly tried to help Shavonne file.

Who knew Stanley had IT skills? Not us!

Since Stanley was working, he went to orientation with Mary,

who reminded him, "Remember to clock out, Stanley!"

Stanley started off his awesome visit in Eufaula in the children's section

using the computers to do e-puzzles!

Then he played at the Lego table.

He worked on a table puzzle too!

He made a lovely fall wreath during the craft program.

Then he wrapped up his visit with an exercise program!

Stanley tried to count every one, but soon gave up.

Grove's library has ukuleles to borrow? Wow!

Stanley said hello to Bob the Banana before leaving.

Gerran showed Stanley how to use the catalog to find a book.

Stanley checked out a great book after learning how to use the catalog!

Then he got comfy and read the whole book. Stanley loves reading!

In Fort Gibson, Stanley was invited to check out some of their programs!

First, he went to Cooking Club, and he was a tiny bit impatient for the

delicious snack they cooked! "Yum. Totally worth the wait!

Then he tried some crafts, and making funny faces with new friends.

"Sorry guys, I only have one facial expression to offer."

"Now I'm really stepping in it."

Then he had a dance party during story time with the preschoolers!

He wrapped up his visit to programs with movie night!

Stanley learned how the librarians shelve books at the Checotah library!

Stanley loves book so much!