Facebook Followers Declare Real Books the Best, Audiobooks Close Second

We recently asked our Facebook followers for all 15 libraries in the system how they like to read. Are they a die-hard e-reader fan, feel like there’s nothing-like-a-real-book, are audiobooks “life,” or maybe all of the above?

Just for fun, I thought it would be interesting to share those results, including some of the great comments that were made.

“Cannot for the life of me pay attention to an audiobook.”

“I’m an audiobook!  I love the freedom of cleaning, driving, working out while reading.”

“A real book, soft blanket, a cup of something to drink, in a bay window with natural light.”

“I love them all!”

And the winner is (not scientifically determined in the least): real books! More than 37 percent said they can’t live without a book held in their hands and a good, old-fashioned bookmark. Just 12 percent said they were good with any version of a book.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, 27 percent said they loved audiobooks! I’ve never thought I would say the same. I really enjoy the peace that comes along with shutting out the world while I read a book, so I assumed audiobooks would just annoy me.

Turns out I was wrong. Recently, I played “Artie and the Wolf Moon” by Olivia Stephens in the car for my grandkids. Frankly, I was tired of listening to Kidz Bop, so we tried an audiobook.

Wow. I was as into the book as they were! This one has a few “scary” parts and it was fun to see the kids react because their imaginations were really ramped up. I also realized it wasn’t annoying me at all, so now I’ll definitely try more audiobooks.

What’s important here is that you can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and regular books from any Eastern Oklahoma Library System for free with a library card. Everyone who lives in Muskogee, McIntosh, Cherokee, Adair, Sequoyah, or Delaware counties qualifies for a free card.

I know we say “libraries aren’t only about books anymore” a lot. And it’s true—we offer valuable community services, fun and exciting activities, and educational opportunities, too.

But for me, reading will always be the reason I love my library. Well, maybe because of the people who work there, too. They are all pretty awesome.

Wendy King Burton is the marketing manager for the Eastern Oklahoma Library System.